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  • For dairy farmers
  • Sales of calves for slaughter and production
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  • Automatic exchange with your data partners
  • Insight in quality labels and certificates

Higher efficiency

  • Lower costs
  • Weighing and classification reports

212 Dairy farmers already joined Cowlinq

Nico Miedema rounded 200px 126b5e41e722f9db4e11b28abd873fd8eca2b7b0ee0470ff800d8ce12c550572
"With Cowlinq I finally have full insight in sales of production and slaughter animals. I know exactly where I stand."
- Nico Miedema, De Waaistap
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"Cowlinq gives immediate yield, and customers are pleased with the reliable information."
- Wilco Brouwer de Koning
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"Reliable information and structured access to it increases the value of the individual animal and enhances consumer confidence in the product."
- Joris Wijnker DVM PhD

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